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In a recent study, it was revealed that

before they hit the yard sale. This means that if you wore faith apparel daily, about eight persons would read your shirt or you wouldn’t even know it. How many persons do you talk to about God daily? Think about this, do you think you can share the word of God to about eight individuals daily? In today’s modern world, people live their lives in fast mode like They’re always run on time and often late to church. Think and stop about how many individuals you’ve talked to about God this month or week or this year, do you think it could it to a thousand mark?

You have probably heard some people say or beg Lord to use them yet they don’t even talk to their neighbors about God. They often picture themselves in a huge stage preaching Bible verses or maybe singing and have hopes and they say they want to go to different parts of the globe to share the word of God. But, the reality is, no one is brave enough to step foot on a big stage and inspire people throughout glorifying God through our which has even been featured on

You have seen young people in their country expressing themselves freely by way of dressing and promoting sex, violence, drugs, alcohol, offensive language, and negative attitudes on their clothes. Conniegifts Young kids also grow up looking at these and they don’t have to see them online or in the magazines now that they have seen it while you’re with them in the store line, walking in mall or in the park and they can’t do anything about his. In fact, they can change people the way they dress and they can change the world slowly. They can’t also walk around and say they have Jesus in their heart, yet can anyone see Him, if you are a shy person who does not want to tell or talk people about Him Christian T-Shirts Amazon If you know how much individuals are in need and interested of God, if you’d express God on how you dress. The best way to do it and having people ask you about Him is through wearing something that represents God. There are lots of testimonies you’ve heard of individuals opening themselves and asking about God due to they themselves also open the door for you to tell them about what your shirt means. There are also times that you would not have to say a word just to tell them about your shirt, but they would just read your shirt and keep the Bible verse or statement in mind at Christian T-Shirts | Christian Shirts | Christian Tee Shirts


You have the power to change the world by sharing word of God through  dpending on your preferences, you can shop online or in local stores for shirts. Or, if you know how to make shirts and want to print your favorite Bible verse or any statement about God, then you can make your own t-shirt at  to set you apart from others at